Welcome – How to Own & Operate a B&B… and Other Things

Welcome – How to Own & Operate a B&B… and Other Things

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and OTHER THINGS (c) 2017 Sandra Small Proudfoot

Ian Coburn of I.C. Designs has been responsible for my website and I thank him for his patience and help over the years. While I designed the concept of the website, Ian has known how to make it all possible in a digital world I’ll never understand.

Originally, I had two websites, one for my B&B, the other for my quilt work.  Later, I was advised to put it all into one website with the B&B as my front page.  And then when my heart dog, Ceilidh, an Australian Shepherd, died of hemangiosarcoma suddenly, I added the Australian Shepherd page with my article which appeared in the Aussie Digest (USA) and which has reached people all over North America whose dogs have died with this disease. And then, because I’ve repeatedly heard and been asked, “what’s it like to run a bed & breakfast” and also “it’s something I’ve always wanted to do”, I asked Ian if he could add a back page to the site in which I could discuss owning and operating a bed & breakfast. And then, because I have had some things that have mattered to me in my life, I’ve added a few more sections beneath.  There is my ‘soapbox’, there is always that.